You can connect with one or more of your providers. Based on the providers that you connect, you retrieve the domains that you want to manage in ctrlDNS. You can import these per domain, we call this a zone, or you can have new zones imported automatically.

Multiple providers

ctrlDNS connects with the providers Exonet, TransIP, OpenProvider and Cloudflare It is also possible to connect different providers in your profile. This works via the login details or API key that’s unique to your provider account. This means that you can not only connect multiple providers, but also add multiple accounts from one provider. You can make a selection of domains you want to add to ctrlDNS or add the entire domain portfolio.

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Is it safe?

Of course! If you manage DNS, that is a big responsibility. The right handling of the settings of DNS zones makes the difference between functioning or not. That is why we understand better than anyone else that safety is important, if not the most important. We have therefore done everything we can to make everything as safe as possible.

Two-way authentication
You can easily activate two-way authentication in your account. This way you add an extra layer of security beyond the standard username and password.

Selected zones
If you connect to one of the providers, not all zones are immediately imported. After adding a provider, you can choose to import all zones or a selection.

Storage of data
As soon as you connect your providers API key, we must of course save it. Through our application we ensure that the entered data is stored irreversibly encrypted in the database. Which means that your API key cannot be retrieved directly from the database.

If a change is made from your own account, or the account you shared a zone with, this will be recorded in the log. This way you can always see who has made a change, what has changed and when this has been changed.

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