How did ctrlDNS started?

The short version: out of frustration. As developers, we manage hundreds of domains, hosting and email solutions. This also includes DNS management, a subject that regularly receives questions. This means that you will receive questions from system administrators, IT parties and other third parties who want to adjust, delete or add DNS records. You don’t want to give them carte blanche about your management, but it would be useful if they could make those changes themselves. You probably recognize it.

Our search

We were looking for a tool that could enable external DNS management. As it turned out, we couldn’t find one, too bad! Because we work from the philosophy that we should not complain about what is not possible, but work on what is possible, we started building a solution: ctrlDNS.

ctrlDNS can now be used by everyone and it makes your life as an ICT, system administrator or technician at a internet or advertising agency a lot easier and less prone to errors! So, if you want to know more about this tool, get in touch!

Product development

ctrlDNS is a product of Vollan. Within Vollon, our people are engaged in the development of online products, we aim on solving problems, saving time and creating insight.

With ctrlDNS we do not only save time for domain administrators, we also make collaboration easier and we reduce the margin of errors, which prevents unnecessary frustration!

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