Manage and share your domains

With ctrlDNS you ensure that both you and others can manage the DNS zone of domains without sharing usernames and passwords. You decide who has access to which domain and with which rights. That means, total control!

Import domains from one or more providers

Connect with one or more providers. You can also add multiple accounts with one provider.

Choose to import some zones or import all zones from a provider at once and have them automatically updated as soon as a new registration within your provider takes place.

Share the management of DNS records of your domains with others

Share your domains (zones) with your colleagues and with external parties. You give them access to a specific zone or series of zones. Which of course you can also easily withdraw.

You decide whether they can make changes immediately or whether you want to check them first. You can also decide whether they can create users themselves or not.

Schedule your DNS changes on a specific day and time

Adding, changing or deleting DNS records may have to happen at a time when you are not awake, or just not at work.

That is no longer a problem! Is an email migration planned for one of your customers during the weekend? Then you simply schedule the requested DNS changes or additions!

Use templates to add a set of DNS records on a zone

Do you often use a certain set of DNS records? Then this is a feature that you can definitely appreciate. You compile these records on a template and then select them when creating a zone and import all records from the template directly into your zone.

This way you avoid duplicate records and the manual entry of your DNS records.

All activities on your domains are logged!

On your dashboard you will find a log of all actions performed on your zones. You can see who did what, when they did it and which records have been modified, added or deleted.

In addition, you will find planned changes, changes that you need to assess and open invitations on the dashboard.

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